Let me introduce you to Rodney R. Rhodes, poet, author, film maker, speaker, and CEO of Blackified, LLC. Mr. Rhodes was an employee of Chrysler Corporation for over 17 years. However, something was missing in his life. As a young man he had a passion to write, which he has done for 20 years. Writing on the side was not enough; he wanted to write full time. So he turned his dream into a reality, and turned writing into a career, not just a hobby. He has written 3 books; Black Man's Society, Black Man's Society II, and Soul of a Man. He has produced a CD called Wise Man on the Corner. Recently he wrote his first screenplay, Souls of Black Men, which is currently in production. Rodney also has a passion to motivate young people to reach their goals and pursue their dreams. He has spoken at many schools and universities, which include Randolph High School, University of Detroit, and the University of Tennessee. Rodney has been featured on radio stations and in newspapers, such as 107.5 FM, and the Michigan Chronicle. Rodney R. Rhodes would love the opportunity to motivate the future leaders of your community. To schedule a speaking engagement with Rodney R. Rhodes, please feel free to contact him. Rodney also provides entertainment for mature crowds, such as; poetry shows with phenomenal poets and dynamic R&B bands, and talented singers. If you want to do something special for someone you love, hire Rodney today to put on a show for you. Dear Blackified Readers: My mission is to unite Urban Black Communities, to empower our culture’s inner beauty and to inspire Black Men in particular to be patient and persistent in the achievement of their life goals. To be free, you must have knowledge to know who you are. Copyright (c) 2011 Aetsystems
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