ACTION Buck and the Preacher Were teachers. Amos and Andy came in handy. Emperor Jones Changed by talking dirty. After dark on a cold Harlem Night The Five Heart Beats, thought Cotton comes from Harlem. Super Fly said, “Pimpin’ ain’t easy.” He had, School Daze turned the page And Do the Right Thing, By Coming to America. Don’t forget Shaka Zulu, He had Jungle Fever And became a Bingo Long. And an all-star J.D. Still seeking Revenge On a New Jack City. Jo Jo Dancer went to the Car Wash Before he went Uptown On a Saturday Night. He was supposed to pick up Corn Bread Earl and me To see Shaft and Dolomite. But they were listening To Josephine Baker’s Story. She was a Lady Singing the Blues. But her Uncle Tom’s Cabin caught fire. It was Mississippi Burning. Now keep the Dream Alive. We will know Which Way Is Up. You will always Sparkle. And be Some Kind of Hero. To all Black Action Movie Producers, Directors, Movie Goers and Patrons Copyright (c) 2011 Aetsystems