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BIOGRAPHY - ABOUT THE AUTHOR Rodney R. Rhodes is a dynamic writer and poet. His plays, short stories and poems are riveting. The prime focus of the book is his screenplay, Souls of Black Men, tells the stories of six black men who grew up together and later formed a black man society. But they go their own separate ways in life, some for the better and some tragic. The men have a chance meeting at the historical Bakers Keyboard Lounge, located in Detroit Michigan, with a woman that changes their outlook on life. This screenplay tells of their road to discovery and the struggles they endure on the road to becoming a man. Their lives touch the soul and leave you wanting more. Rhodes is well known for his breathtaking short story series: Wise Man on the Corner and his poetry in the Detroit, Michigan area. Now the world will be undeniably enlightened by his short stories, poetry, and his screenplay. I now present to the world: SOUL of a MAN.