BLACK LIFE Tell me of streets That a thousand lay upon Some from dusk to dawn Where 10 years of age Becomes adult stage of life Where many men can’t support themselves, Let alone a wife. Call it Black Life Tell me of a war zone Where drugs have invaded house after house Where many search For a piece of bread or just a chicken bone No food to eat No money to make ends meet Black life is never easy When you make it, who are you pleasing? Brother man says you pseudo Can’t understand why you changed My society has put stress on my brain Women with children who are still kids Young men with prison numbers on their backs Simple reading skills is what they lack Suburbanites screaming out Lock them up, give them three to five When they come out why should they strive? Keep them all down like lazy hounds Teach them wrong is right and right is wrong Weaken their minds And tell them they’re strong Give them a gun Let them destroy their community Tell them to do it with glee Tell them it’s fun Entice their minds with cars, Gold, and fast money Who needs to build and sacrifice When living the Black Life Copyright (c) 2011 Aetsystems