WHAT’S GOING ON PART II I was young I didn’t understand So I went to my mother And climbed in her lab She started to weep She said no longer do babies cry Now they die For foolish reasons Go to school and play by the rules And I asked what’s going on I wanted to go to dad But he’s not there But if he was there He would have said Boy find a wife and make her your best friend Understand your community and stay away from drugs And most of all give your children sincere hugs But he’s not there So I say what’s going on Looking for advice  I went walking and I saw Eddie He taught me to play ball But he hustles Now got caught up, he says Hey little nigger stay away from these corners They ain’t no good Go take your butt to college Get the paper, but Most of all get knowledge Then I asked myself what’s going on Then I see my cousin who’s In the armed service I asked him how is it He says it’s fine Why are you in South Africa? It’s a Secret Why are you in Haiti? It’s a Secret Why are you fighting a war? I don’t know It’s a Secret And then I ask Myself What’s Going On Copyright (c) 2011 Aetsystems